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Our Missions
Missions d'audit
The Audit Office conducts legal and contractual duties consist of many and varied controls that uses the sampling techniques, the physical checks and external cross whose outcome is certification.
Accounting Missions
Cabinet J.MONTEIL surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are happy to advise you on accounting, tax, financial and social.

Cabinet J.MONTEIL involved in all sectors of industry, profession, various shops, pharmacy, especially in SMEs, SMIs to hold, centralize, open, stop, strengthen corporate accounting and agencies, preparation of financial statements synthesis.

Cabinet J.MONTEIL organizes corporate accounting and analysis of their situation in their economic, financial and social aspects legal, tax.
The missions legal and tax
Cabinet C2A SEN specializes in supporting any investor from project design in all its legal and tax aspects to choice in the creation of the structure. The Firm enjoys the benefit tax measures favor based industries or the terms of the investment.

Cabinet C2A SEN supports companies in the organization of social life through their board of directors, shareholders, restructuring through mergers, increase or reduction of capital; establishment of all tax and social statements advice and assistance, assistance during tax audits, review of all charges.
The missions of Council and managementn
Social missions